Why should WE read books DAILY..?

Following are some of the Reasons why should we Read books Daily –

REASON NO. 1 : Experience a
Century (100 years)

When a person write a book he shares his MISTAKES , knowledge , experience and lots of Secrets about his success and failures in LIFE.
And as a very old lesson our life would be very short if we just keep learning through our mistakes.
After reading such books we can actually live such life of successful people .

REASON NO. 2 : Enhances(Increase)

When we read a book , our mind trys to imagine about the story and which results in improvement or increase in our imagination Power.
Watching T.V. kills our imagination power , therefore we should understand and keep a balance between watching T.V. and reading books….

REASON NO. 3 : Long term Benefits

The reason why we don’t read books daily is because when we think like reading book our mind link READING BOOK WITH PAIN which results in not reading and doing something which will give us pleasure instantly .
But we all know in long run reading habit it will give us long and better pleasure and benefits.
Now the solution for this problem is to sit down for a minute and write on a paper how not reading will make you suffer in the future and linking the reading habit with long term benefit and Pleasure.


Every person who is a leader currently or past are always been or is a GOOD reader…
Bill Gates read more than 50 Books Every Year whereas a average CEO of any company reads 4 to 5 books Every Month….and also a average reads 4 books Every Year....

REASON NO. 5 : Self Realization

It is important to self analyse what is important for us and what habit should we adopt to live this life the Fullest.

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